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French Door Refrigerators are becoming an increasingly popular?type of refrigerator?on the market because of their style and efficiency.

Their design and elegant look have captivated thousands of customers due to their user friendly three door accommodation feature. Two narrow doors designed to open conveniently on each side plus a bottom compartment with doors that slides on the side. This design was specifically formulated to provide spacious cooling storage even for people with limited space in their kitchen.

With a French door refrigerator you can surely enjoy both efficiency and design without having to worry about having to compromise too much space in your kitchen.

What are the Benefits of a French door Refrigerator?

Toughness :

  • A?French door refrigerator is a highly durable cooling storage unit which makes it especially suitable for big households. With large families the constant use of the fridge and the continuous opening and closing of its doors subjects its components to added punishments.
  • A good refrigerator must be able to endure all of this everyday harshness and stand ready to face every challenge. French Door Refrigerators are usually designed with durable, quality components that will stand the rigors of repeated use.

Style :

  • Changing times require a greater ability to adapt to new surroundings and a good way to do this is to introduce new looks that are appealing to your taste to your household decor.
  • Sleek and fashionable refrigerators are a plus when placed in a kitchen. It gives your kitchen a different aura and projects itself as the center of your family’s activity around your house. Every person who comes to your kitchen would easily notice the beauty they see and could not resist the desire to open the fridge and check out its features.
  • French Door refrigerators come in colors a number of different colors including white, black and stainless steel that are universally matched for every household.

Efficiency :

  • Electricity costs are obviously an important consideration in the search for a good refrigerator. Most French Door Refrigerator now provide their own proficiency ratings. These ratings are clearly displayed for potential buyers to see and compare with the type of fridge they want to own. French door refrigerators are surprisingly energy efficient despite their size.

Environment Friendly :

  • The disposal of older models of refrigerators has made much damage to our environment together with the?impact of CFC?(Chlorofluorocarbon) which has contributed in the depletion of the ozone layer. Luckily advances in engineering have created modern parts and supplies which together made the French Door Refrigerator more eco-friendly than past models.

Design :

  • One thing that catches your attention when you open a French Door Refrigerator is the way the items in your fridge are displayed and the ease in which you can find items. You should be able to see items that you normally would like to take out in a refrigerator like soda, pizza, spreads and the like. That’s why unfrozen foods or foods that were kept above freezing point are what you’d see inside both the upper doors. Now the bottom door houses the frozen foods and other stuff that you seldom open in a normal single door refrigerator. Some models have also incorporated ice makers and water dispensers for added luxury.

Problems With French Door Refrigerators :

  • Some householders have reported that their purchase of a French Door Refrigerator was a negative experience usually this is because they have not done their due diligence or research before purchasing. Luckily you have tons of research at your fingertips on French Door Refrigerator Reviews to help you make the right decision.
  • The Design has also been questioned by those who are not used to freezers located at the bottom.
  • Cost is also one of the problem of opting for a French Door Refrigerator as they are more expensive that a regular refrigerator but we think the added benefits and size outweigh the larger price tag.

Top 10 Best French Door Refrigerator Reviews

#1. LG 25 CF Black French Door Refrigerator

LG 25 CF French Door Refrigerator BlackThe?LG 25 CF Black French Door Refrigerator?has? a 4 compartment crisper that gives you easy control in organizing fresh fruits and vegetables. It comprises a full-width Glide-N-Serve drawer with an additional drawer for very delicate food and 2 humidity controlled drawers.

Interior Shelves are spill proof thus preventing leakage below to other compartments. The Shelves are also made of tempered glass allowing easy visibility and access in adjustments. The?Interior of the freezer?has a full-width drawer that accommodates frozen foods easily and the DuraBase has a provision for handy cleaning.

The unit has a built in ice making machine that produces ice instantly and can be adjusted for your convenience. Its?energy star rating?is guaranteed for efficiency in its operation.

Multi Air Flow vents are fitted on every compartment to allow equal flow of cold air while being regulated based on the demand of each storage division.

Features of LG 25 CF Black :

  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Refined look on doors and handles
  • Spill Protector Tempered Glass
  • Versatile Crisper Compartments
  • LED Digital temperature Controls
  • Door Alarm
  • 1 year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • 7 clear Gallon-sized door baskets
  • Ice maker
  • Tier 3 rating

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#2. Samsung RF4287 French Door Refrigerator

Samsung RF4287HARS Stainless Steel French Door RefrigeratorThe Samsung RF4287 French Door Refrigerator with 4 Doors and Integrated Water & Ice is a 28 cubic feet fridge that is equipped with features and materials designed to last for a long time.

It?is spacious and can accommodate the demands for the right cooling of your food especially vegetables that require proper attention.

Its?energy star rating?guarantee is enough to show the performance it can give both in your pocket and in your budget. The fridge is equipped with a state of the art alarm that sounds off whenever and if ever the door is left ajar.

LED lights that situated inside the fridge illuminate whenever you open any of the three doors without compromising the cool temperature thus assuring the constant moisture quality inside. Its also transmit less heat which is why it is considered more energy efficient.

Samsung’s patented FlexZone drawer system provides you with a? counter height drawer which offers four unique temperature settings;wine & party dishes, deli snacks, meat & fish and cold drinks. The useful smart divider allows for easy organization within your drawer.

The power freeze and power cool options? lets you? chill or fast freeze food and drink rapidly, ideal when you need to chill that bottle of wine quickly when unexpected guests arrive!

The Fridge is available in black, white and stainless steel the neutral colors and? sleek design?will fit in with most kitchen decor.

Features Of Samsung RF4287

  • Filtered Water
  • Cubed and Cracked Ice
  • Easy Access
  • Energy Star rating
  • Extra Mid-Drawer provided
  • Smart Divider also provided
  • Strong Thin Wall Insulation technology
  • LED Lighting
  • 2 minute door alarm
  • 2 Humidity Control Crispers

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#3. Whirlpool Gold G16FARXXY French Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool GI6FARXXY Stainless Steel French Door RefrigeratorThe Whirlpool Gold G16FARXXY French Door Refrigerator?has a fast cooling feature that is capable of reaching the right temperature for your stored food in a matter of minutes.

Installed also inside is the?Accu-Chill Temperature Management System?which serves as the nervous system of this big 26 cubic feet refrigerator designed to control and generate the correct coldness demanded by each section of the storage compartments.

This refrigerator has?Adaptive Defrost system?that automatically selects which time it should observe the defrost cycle and at the same time is capable of conserving energy. Various sensors monitor the activity of the door in relation to the motor which in turn comes up with a schedule that best suits the cycle to initiate.

Both compartments of the freezer and the fridge are constructed with a double tub to ensure a leak free environment inside the compartments.

Features Of Whirlpool Gold G16FARXXY

  • High Tech Touch Screen display
  • Adaptive Defrost System
  • Accu-Chill Temperature Management System
  • Temperature Controlled Pantry Drawer
  • Energy Star rating
  • Efficient Motor
  • Humidity controlled Crispers
  • Push Button Fast Cool Mode
  • 6th?Sense Technology
  • 26 cubic feet
  • Adjustable legs
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Flexible Storage Shelves

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#4 Whirlpool WRX735SDBM Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool WRX735SDBM 25 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door RefrigeratorThe Whirlpool WRX735SDBM is a French Door Refrigerator that is designed exclusively for those who are looking for a big and spacious fridge. It’s Energy Star boasts of an efficient cooling system that manages timely use of the compressor in regulating the proper temperature for cooling your food.

The?Accu-Chill Temperature Management System?has built in sensors that pinpoints when and how long the motor should operate.

An?external refrigerated drawer?allows you to stack up, keep and even manage food the way you want them to be. It even has adjustable dividers that give you greater control in arranging other foods that need your immediate attention.

A measuring fill control also mounted to service you whenever you want filtered water without the bother of having you stand near it. Just simply set the amount needed and that’s it.

Features Of Whirlpool WRX735SDBM

  • Exterior Filtered Ice and Water with Tap Touch Controls
  • Changeable Gallon Door Bins
  • Adaptive Defrost
  • Pur Water Filtration System
  • LED Interior Lighting
  • Accu-Chill Temperature Management System
  • Measured Fill
  • External Refrigerated Drawer
  • Energy and Eco Friendly

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#5. Bosch B36ET71SNS 20 cu. ft. Integra Series French Door Refrigerator

Bosch B36ET71SNS 20 cu. ft. Integra Series French Door RefrigeratorShopping for appliances has never been a favorite of mine, but I also like to think that I am a well-informed shopper and my friends know that I am a savvy shopper.? I do not arbitrarily buy something, especially a very important appliance because it looks nice in the store. I look up consumer reviews on toasters, and because of that, when my sister needed a new refrigerator, she took me along to the appliance store. Must say that out of all of the refrigerators that we inspected, the Bosch B36ET71SNS 20 cu. ft. Integra Series French Door Refrigerator with the Stainless Steel finish was perhaps my pick of the day.

Feature of Bosch B36ET71SNS

  • Innovative duel evaporator and dual compressor to ensure that both the refrigerator, including the crisper, and ?the freezer will stay at their optimal temperature and humidity levels
  • Deli drawer that is full-width, so you can easily access deli meat, cheese and even snacks and juice boxes for your children so you can quickly get what you need and close the door again
  • Freezer drawer is very spacious
  • Drawers extend out fully so items in the back are easily reached
  • Can be put into vacation or economy mode to be more energy efficient
  • Includes carbon air filters for odor control
  • Alarm that tells you when the door is open
  • Door bins that will fit a gallon of milk

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#6 FRIGIDAIRE 28 Cu. Ft. Professional Series French Door Refriger

FRIGIDAIRE 28 Cu. Ft. Professional Series French Door RefrigerWhen I needed a new refrigerator, the Frigidaire Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Freestanding Refrigerator, model FPHB2899LF was the perfect replacement.? It might be a mouthful to say, but the refrigerator is anything but bulky; it has a sleek look that is the perfect complement to our kitchen.

This is the perfect refrigerator for people with families, from the design to how efficiently it works and the features, you will fall in love with this refrigerator just as much as I did.

Feature of FPHB2899LF FPHB2899LF

  • Bottom Freezer – I don’t know about you, but for our house, we open and close the refrigerator five times as many times as we open the freezer and Frigidaire understands that and puts the freezer in the bottom; which means no more stooping over to get to my crisper drawers or shelves on my fridge.? The things that I use the most are within easy reach.
  • Full-Width Drawer – This large drawer allows me to keep juice and snacks for my kids within easy reach.? They can easily get their snacks out without having to dig around in the refrigerator.
  • Alerts – If you have kids, you have probably found your refrigerator door partially open at some point.? This innovative refrigerator alerts you when a door is left open, invaluable if you have small children.
  • Filtered Ice and Water Dispenser – Get ice and cold water, both filtered, without opening the door.? Stop buying water and start drinking clean, filtered water that is perfectly chilled.

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#7 Kitchenaid KBFS20EVWH Counter-Depth French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator?

Kitchenaid KBFS20EVWH Counter-Depth French DoorMy sister was recently in need of a new refrigerator, she purchased the Kitchenaid KBFS20EVWH a?month back and simply loving it.? Her kitchen is on the small side and her old refrigerator stuck out slightly, this?slim model is counter-depth, so that it fits right where it needs to, perfectly.? She got the white model and it has an elegant clean look to it that meshes very well with her kitchen; the refrigerator is very stylish looking.

Key Features Of Kitchenaid KBFS20EVWH

  • French Door Design – The freezer is at the bottom and the upper part is the refrigerator.? The double doors on the top part open up so you have ample space to store the things that you need to.? The freezer is a pull out drawer that is on the bottom so that you can easily get to your frozen foods without needing to dig around.
  • Automatic Ice Maker – No need to mess with ice cube trays, you will always have ice cubes when you need them.
  • Water Dispenser – Stop spending money on bottled water because there is a built in water dispenser.
  • Filtered Water & Ice – Always have pure and clean water and ice thanks to the PUR filtration system.
  • Crispers with Humidity Control – Always have your produce stored at just the right amount of humidity, keeping your food fresher for longer.
  • Deli Locker – The deli locker featured adjustable controls so that you can keep your deli meats and cheeses at the perfect temperature.
  • Energy Star Qualified – My sis began to see a reduction in her energy bills after purchasing this refrigerator; it runs more efficiently than her old one did.

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#8 GE CFE29TSDSS Cafe 28.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator?

GE CFE29TSDSS Cafe 28.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door RefrigeratorKnown for their quality and their reliability, GE is one of the top appliance manufacturers,and their products are always highly rated.?This appliance is not only beautiful, but it has several features that make it stand out from the rest of the refrigerators out there.

Anybody looking for refrigerator that is innovative, efficient and is both sleek and stylish, the GE Café CFE29TSDSS is the refrigerator that they have been looking for.

Features Of GE CFE29TSDSS

  • The digital control panel combined with the ice and water dispenser and the display is easy to read, it adds to the contemporary design of the refrigerator.
  • Most refrigerators have a filtered water and ice dispenser, but the GE Café CFE29TSDSS goes one-step further and adds a hot water dispenser. The hot water dispenser has four pre-programmed temperatures for you to use, or you can set your own temperature preferences
  • The interior of the refrigerator is spacious; the icemaker is a slender fit, so you have maximum space on the door for your items. The doors include six door bins, two of which are adjustable and can hold gallon-sized items.
  • There is also a dairy compartment and a drop down tray. They have five shelves, one of which is full-width, four of which are adjustable, three are spill proof and one is a quick space shelf.

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#9 Liebherr CBS2062 18.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator?

Liebherr CBS2062 18.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door RefrigeratorIf you are looking for a beautifully styled refrigerator that is roomy and energy efficient, then the Liebherr CBS2062 is a refrigerator that you want to take a closer look at.

Liebherr is known for their quality and durability and this stainless steel French door refrigerator has the best of both worlds. It will fit seamlessly into your kitchen, no matter what you decor is.? It believes that appliances should not only work well, but that they should look good while doing it and this model is the perfect blend of a sleek stylish look with innovative features that make this a quality appliance.

Features Of Liebherr CBS2062

  • It designed to be energy efficient. The dual compressors are located to the back of the refrigerator, and at the bottom, which means that the appliance runs quietly. No hiss or noises as the compressors run.
  • The freezer section does not share air with the refrigerated section, so there is no transfer of odors, and the inside humidity is always perfect ensuring that your food stays fresher for longer.
  • Liebherr’s innovative BioFresh system makes sure that the temperature and humidity levels are at their optimal levels to keep your food fresh and healthy.
  • The interior designed to maximize the capacity, featuring gallon-holding spaces on the doors. A VarioBox that is removable, and an innovative draw system, all of which are removable, makes organizing your freezer a snap.

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